The purpose of this Brand Guide is to support your marketing and communication goals with an entire suite of resources and tools from photography and writing guidelines to logoscolors, the taglinesocial media standards and more. Above all else, become familiar with UNCG’s “Why-How-What” Strategy, which will inform all of your communication decisions. Under that tab, you will find a research-based approach unique to UNCG and essential for developing authentic, distinctive materials that resonate with your audience.

Brand Elements overview


Imagine you are a prospective student trying to decide where you should attend college. Over the last few months, you’ve received postcards and email from a variety of colleges and universities. From UNCG, you received an admissions viewbook, a postcard about an art exhibit, a flier with information about the entrepreneurship program, and an email inviting you and your parents, who are alumni, to Homecoming. Driving around town, you notice a Spartan Athletics billboard advertising the upcoming basketball season. The good news is that you’ve learned a lot about what UNCG has to offer in terms of programs and events. The bad news? You can’t put your finger on one main takeaway — the differentiating factor that makes UNCG stand apart and compels you to apply. Because each communication piece uses different colors, different fonts, and even slightly different logos, you are unsure about the ultimate identity of UNCG. As a result, your reaction to the university might be as ambivalent as its communications materials are disparate.

This is why brand standards are important. All our communications, regardless of where they originate, reflect on the entire university.

The logos, typefaces, colors, and the treatment of photos and text all project attributes of UNCG. A recent audit of 250+ different UNCG communications showed alarmingly inconsistent use of the university’s core brand elements. Successful organizations use their brand assets consistently when they send messages into the marketplace. We can, too, by using this brand guide as our resource.

See the navigation to the right for guidelines and tools about logos, colors, fonts, tagline use and more.