Color Photography


How we employ photography in our marketing and communication is directly related to the “Why-How-What” Strategy. If you are addressing the many ways UNCG brings learning to life (“How” we do what we do), images that support this might show a faculty member working in the lab or studio, or perhaps sharing a significant moment with a community member. For example, consider a mentoring relationship between a student and faculty member or a lively moment in a collaborative community project.

These images can appear in either black and white or color.

With color photography, we also showcase “What” we offer, depicting subjects and places in a way that is less conceptual and more straightforward. When illustrating “What” messages, you might simply show the beauty of the UNCG campus or a particular activity or event that exemplifies our challenging academic programs, supportive environment and engaged community.

Color photography will also have the same authentic, documentary style as our black and white photography, pulling the audience in rather than pushing them to notice us.

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Examples of color photography

1. Environments should feel real and subjects unposed.  Find a location where your subject is comfortable and try to capture a spontaneous moment.  You may need to spend some time with your subjects until they are relaxed enough to ignore the camera.


2. The subject should not make eye contact with the camera, and in some cases, faces may be shown in profile or not at all. The image should capture a moment in life.


3. Take advantage of available or natural light.  This can bring a sense of intimacy and authenticity to the image.


4. Show action or motion to add a sense of energy and spontaneity.


5. Look for interesting points of view or or use thoughtful cropping to emphasize a detail or an unexpected perspective.


6. When an opportunity presents itself, capture emotion and interaction.  This is when documentary-style photography can be used to its best advantage.

7. Avoid stock photography. Authenticity also means photographing real places and people associated with UNCG. If you don’t have the resources to shoot customized photography for your needs, visit the UNCG Image Collection for images you can download.



The “Why-How-What” message platform provides a structure for combining black and white with color. For example, your main, anchor photos might be black and white to help lead your piece with the “Why” message — the call to Do something bigger altogether.

With “How” messaging — we bring learning to life — photos could be in black and white or color.

Finally, “What” messages include examples of UNCG’s challenging programs, supportive environment and engaged community. These images should be in color.

For examples, please visit the gallery.