Here are a few simple steps toward setting up your foursquare account. At the end of this section is a glossary to help explain some terminology.

Step One – Create an account. You will have to create a Foursquare account to use for admin purposes when you claim your venue. You can sign up using your Facebook account or using your UNCG e-mail address.

Step Two – Upload your avatar. Avatar is a term used for your profile picture. This image will be pulled directly from your Facebook profile picture if you link the two accounts. If you are creating an admin page only, you will want to get your avatar from linking to Facebook or uploading your own image.

If you are creating a UNCG page and you have not linked your Foursquare account to Facebook and need an image to use, we have created a family of UNCG avatars for you to select and build from. Please  complete this form for assistance getting your avatar. This is a preferred option for branding but you can also upload your own photo or graphic. If you choose to upload your own, consider the following:

• Size = 36×36

• Ensure that graphic elements are wholly visible and not cut off along the edges.

•Use colors that are not too bright or too dark. You want to make sure that people can easily see and read your avatar.

Step Three Claim your venue. For UNCG purposes, you will be creating a business account (to be differentiated from an individual account). Click here to learn more about how businesses are using Foursquare.

Claim the physical location of your venue / unit so that people can check in and tell their friends when they visit. Before creating a location for your organization, search to make sure that one hasn’t already been created. Chances are, someone has already added the location on Foursquare. If that is the case, simply claim the location that has already been listed. You will have to provide your organization’s e-mail address and phone number so that Foursquare can call and verify for you to claim your venue.

Step Four – Title your page. When you claim or create a location, it sets up a Foursquare page for that venue. We recommend naming your page with the university name leading or following your unit group name. For example: UNCG Admissions or Jackson Library (UNCG).

Please note that we will list ‘official’ university accounts in the social media hub directory. ‘Official’ university accounts means that they are recognized and promoted by the university. One of the requirements of an official account is that the university name appears in your title somewhere.

Step Five – Add a header to your page. The header should be sized at 860Wx150T. The header should include something that identifies you (either a logo or graphic) but different from your avatar. The header should also include a photo of your location and can be a campus shot, a building shot or specific place like a room or office. For an example, see UNCG’s page.

Step Six – Add the FERPA Statement. FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Every ‘official’ UNCG account must include this statement. For an example, see the University Foursquare Page.

Step Seven – Encourage visitors to check in. When people are physically present in the location that you have claimed as your venue, they will be able to use the Foursquare app on their mobile device in order to check in. This means that they alert their Foursquare friends about where they are. The benefit to having people check in at your location is that it encourages more people to stop by and learn more about you and your unit.

Step Eight – Encourage visitors to add photos and tips. When users add photos and tips to your location, it adds interest and useful information for potential new visitors. People will be able to add these right from their mobile devices when they are using the Foursquare App. Below are some great examples of tips that users have added to the Jackson Library (UNCG) location.

“Check out laptops, iPads, camcorders, digital voice recorders and calculators at the circulation desk on the 1st floor.”

“Wonderful library with an awesome reference desk!”

“Ask a librarian about downloadable audio books here. You can get them free and put them on your iPod!”

Step Nine – Reward your Mayor. Foursquare’s name for the person who checks in to your location more than anyone else is the ‘mayor.’ You will be able to see who is the mayor of your location. We recommend rewarding and thanking this person because he or she is one of your greatest advocates.

Step Ten – Create a special. One way to entice or reward people to visit your location and check in on Foursquare is to offer a special. This will appear to people using the Foursquare app on their phone. You can be as creative as you like with the Foursquare special you offer to your audience. Click here to learn more about creating a special.


Foursquare Glossary

Avatar – A term used to mean profile picture.

Check in – (v) to update your current location through the Foursquare app, thus letting your Foursquare friends know where you are.

Claim – The process used to verify the owner or manager of a physical location.

Header – The visual banner at the top of your location page on Foursquare.

Location – The physical location of your unit. For instance, the classroom building in which you meet. On Foursquare, you can claim this location and set up an online page in the Foursquare site to represent your physical location.

Mayor – Most frequent visitor to a location.

Special – A special is an offer that will encourage people to visit your location.  This offer should be available only to those who visit you and check in.

Tips – Visitors who check in at your location can leave notes for other users to see. These are often suggestions or helpful reminders.