Photography Overview


Photography is one of the most immediate and powerful forms of communication. Nothing moves people quite like a great photograph. This brand guide will help you create photos that evoke the UNCG we know and love — the university that is true to itself and to the people we serve, the place that calls us to Do something bigger altogether.

UNCG is genuine and down-to-earth; that’s how we want to portray our campus and our students, faculty and staff. Our photography should feel authentic, original and spontaneous. Similar in style to documentary photography, UNCG’s images should focus on real-life scenarios, with real people in real moments. The camera is there to capture them in their most natural environment or place in time, not to beautify or direct them.

When shooting and selecting photography, consider the relationship of why people choose UNCG, how we bring learning to life and the features that we offer.

The UNCG “Why-How-What” Strategy explains this relationship and provides a structure for creating photography for your marketing and communication. The most effective images will suggest “Why” we are called to Do something bigger altogether, illustrating moments of inspiration, contemplation, relationship or emotion. Show “How” UNCG brings learning to life by photographing examples of mentoring, hands-on research, creative activity or service-learning. Then, support these evocative images with illustrative photographs of “What” we offer, including our beautiful campus, facilities, programs and events.

How will I know when to use black and white photography versus color? Follow this simple guide:

• “Why” messages always employ evocative black and white photos
• “How” messages give you the option of making your own personal choice between black and white and color
• “What” messages never use black and white photos — only color