UNCG is a university community that attracts people who want to go beyond the expected. The contributions of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends don’t just involve doing something more; they’re about doing something more meaningful. Being a part of the UNCG community means answering the call to Do something bigger altogether.

This tagline is an evocative and emotional call-to-action that communicates our university identity while providing an appropriate transition from the tagline we adopted in 2003,  Inspire.Change. The transition from Inspire.Change. to Do something bigger altogether is immediate and reflects a logical evolution for branding UNCG as the two sentiments originate from many of the same core values.

When and how to use the tagline

Like the “Why-How-What” Strategy and the black and white photography guidelines, the Do something bigger altogether tagline is used in marketing and communication efforts that have the objectives of recruiting, retaining, cultivating, fundraising or building affinity. Do something bigger altogether should always be present when “Why” and “How” messages are used. If you are unsure of how to use the “Why-How-What” Strategy, visit the Brand Guidelines section.

If your piece is purely informational in nature, use of the tagline and “Why-How-What” Strategy does not apply. See examples for “Why-How-What” Strategy exemptions.

The tagline can be presented in two ways. Most commonly, it is used as a secondary graphic element in the form of a pennant with the words Do something bigger altogether. There are instances, however, in which the tagline may appear as text within a paragraph.

When used as text in your marketing and communication materials, four rules apply:

1) The words — Do something bigger altogether — should appear in bold font with a capital “D.”

2) Using the tagline as text refers to placing it within your body copy. Never use the tagline as a headline or a subhead.

3) The tagline should never appear as text alone without also being accompanied and reinforced by the graphic element as a second instance. In other words, if you choose to use the tagline as text within body copy, the pennant must also appear in its appropriate place — on a prominent face of your piece.

4) The tagline is intended to serve as a final, concluding thought to reinforce the essence of your message. To avoid diluting its effect, do not be overly repetitive with the tagline and craft your copy so that Do something bigger altogether appears at the end of a paragraph rather than embedding it in the middle. See the inside panel of the event invitation, below, right:

When used as the pennant graphic in your marketing and communication materials, follow these rules:

1) The preferred placement for the pennant is on the front of your publication or initial page of your electronic communication. It should always bleed off the edge of the page.  See examples below.

Logos on Black and White photo

2) The pennant should not be used on business cards, mailing labels, return addresses, formal and legal documents, or financial documents where the purpose of the communication is not related to university marketing.

3) Do not use the pennant when it is reduced so small that it is unreadable.

Pennant versions

When presented as a graphic element, Do something bigger altogether is set in the font Georgia bold italic, with the initial letter “D” capitalized. There is no punctuation. The tagline sits inside a yellow or white pennant that should always bleed off the left or right side of the page. When using the tagline as a graphic, it must be used as provided and should never be altered or changed in any way (other than scale).  Do not scale the text and pennant separately, stretch or compress the type or pennant, mix colors, change the font, or use a drop shadow.

Download all files as a ZIP
Zip file-including reversed white and PMS yellow for coated and uncoated paper.

Download all files as a ZIP
Zip file-including reversed white and PMS yellow for coated and uncoated paper.


May I use the tagline pennant on a variety of pieces?
The pennant may be used on all marketing and communication materials, including printed pieces such as brochures, flyers, magazines, newsletters, and advertising, as well as electronic communication like enewsletters and email communications, videos and DVDs. It may be used on web pages if the page content focuses on “Why” or “How” messages.

Are there specific audiences that I should consider when I am using the tagline?
The pennant may be used on materials that address any of our constituent groups including prospective and current students, alumni, community and friends, and faculty and staff.

May I use the tagline pennant with color photography?
Yes. The pennant may be used with both black and white and color photography.

I want to use the pennant shape by itself as a graphic element. Is it ok to take out the words Do something bigger altogether?
Yes. You may use the pennant shape as a graphic in your design, as long as it does not appear adjacent to the tagline and is used in some other color from our palette than yellow.  A yellow pennant is reserved for the tagline.

As an example, see the use of the pennant shape as a navigation element at the bottom of the Brand Guide pages of this website.

As I produce new marketing and communication materials, can I still use the university’s previous tagline Inspire. Change.?
No.  Do something bigger altogether is the university tagline and continued use of Inspire. Change. will confuse our constituents and dilute our messaging. While it will take some time to completely convert marketing and communication pieces, every new piece should refrain from using Inspire. Change. Please recycle or finish using any old materials that contain Inspire. Change. in a timely but responsible manner.