University Logos


Being consistent is 95 percent of the battle.

Display university logos prominently on promotional materials in print (brochures, booklets, magazines and newsletters, advertisements, etc.) and electronic media (enewsletters, emails, presentations, etc.). On instructional materials, use of the university logo is encouraged, but not required. Members of the UNCG family — faculty, staff and students — are welcome to download our logos for these official university applications.

The university logos give proprietary identification to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and may only be used by those officially recognized by and associated with the university. If you are interested in becoming a licensed vendor of UNCG merchandise, please review our Trademark Licensing program.

The university logo family includes a variety of options for different needs. In addition to logos that use the abbreviated and full name of the university, there is a program for unit logos that incorporates the names of the College, schools, centers, programs and other units. Vertical and horizontal orientations are available.

The files for download are available as vector-based Adobe Illustrator EPS files and PNG files. Use EPS files when you need the highest possible resolution for professional printing. PNG files will work well in web pages, Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

The abbreviated name logos

H + V Univ logo graphic



Abbreviated horizontal EPS

Abbreviated horizontal PNG

Download all files as a ZIP

Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc.

Abbreviated horizontal EPS Abbreviated horizontal PNG Download all files as a ZIP Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc. – See more at:


Abbreviated vertical EPS

Abbreviated vertical PNG

Download all files as a ZIP

Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc.

The full name logos

Full Name University Logos



Full name horizontal EPS

Full name horizontal PNG

Download all files as a ZIP

Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc.


Full name vertical EPS

Full name vertical PNG

Download all files as a ZIP

Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc.

The Minerva Emblem


The condensed design of the Minerva emblem was created to fit unique formats and reproduce well on university apparel, flags, banners, and other promotional items. Because it deemphasizes the name of the institution, it is not recommended for print advertising, publications, and electronic communications. Please use one of the abbreviated or full name logos for these purposes.


Emblem abbreviated EPS

Emblem abbreviated PNG

Download all files as a ZIP

Zip file-including CMYK, PMS, reversed, etc.

University Unit Logos

The university logos include unit marks with the names of the College, schools, centers, programs and departments. Unit logos are not for use on letterhead or university web pages. These communications are standardized and use the full name university logo.

Many units will be able to meet their communications needs by using the abbreviated or full name university logos. However, if your unit has a specific need for a unit logo, please complete this form. To ensure consistency, units are prohibited from creating their own university logos. The Alumni Association unit logo is shown below as an example.

Download a zip file containing abbreviated, full name, vertical and horizontal versions.

Additional Logo Guidelines

When communicating “Why” and “How” we do what we do, an all-white (reversed) or black logo may be used over the black and white photography. Place the logo in a corner of the layout as shown below. Please note, in ALL other instances, the university logos should be used in our primary colors of yellow, white and navy blue. The Spartan logo may not be substituted for the university logo when used with the black and white photography.

Logos on Black and White photo

Download black and reversed white university logos:
Black university logo EPS
Rich Black (CMYK) university logo EPS
Reversed university horizontal logo EPS
Rich Black (CMYK) Reversed university horizontal logo EPS
Reversed university vertical logo EPS
Rich Black (CMYK) Reversed university vertical logo EPS
Download all files as a ZIP
Zip file-including vertical, horizontal, abbreviated and full name logos.


UNCG logos should always stand apart from their surroundings. For consistency, maintain a clear area equal to the height of the “G” in the abbreviated name logos, and the height of the text in the full name logos. Never print graphics, rules, typography or other elements in this area. Appropriate clear space around the logos provide safety areas that set them off from adjacent text or images.

The university logos may not be altered, modified, disassembled, reproportioned or flopped. The shield with Minerva in the center must never be separated from the school name, full or abbreviated.

The following examples illustrate incorrect uses of the logo. Although numerous incorrect uses might be possible, these are intended to show common examples of improper use. If you think you might be using the logo inappropriately, contact with questions.

Minerva Don'ts Row 1Do not use the icon or the typography as a stand-alone element or change the proportions or arrangement of any of the elements.

Minerva Don'ts Row 2Do not integrate the elements into another logo or use the elements to create a new graphic.

Minerva Don'ts Row 3Do not mix the official University Colors in any combination other than the approved usage or add non-university colors to the approved logos.

Minerva Don'ts Row 4Do not print the logo within a restrictive box or background, print the logo over heavily textured backgrounds or reverse out of “busy” photographs, or add a drop shadow or other graphic treatment.

Minerva Don'ts Row 5Do not distort, change proportions, redraw the design, or reset the type. Do not add text to the logo or include within a sentence or slogan.



Logos surround us everywhere we go — shopping, on TV, even around our own campus. This marketing deluge may encourage you to feel that individual programs, initiatives or units here at UNCG must also have their own logo or “brand.”

Despite the diverse array of university offerings, the UNCG brand itself is our best defense against getting lost in the crowd. Strength lies in building on the broad brand foundation of the “Why-How-What” Strategy, logos, colors and typefaces. While you may customize your communications with design and photography, always follow the UNCG brand guidelines so that you capitalize on the UNCG brand and do your part to uphold it. These guidelines allow plenty of room for expressing all that the university offers without compromising the larger integrated marketing effort.

With this in mind, it is seldom necessary for UNCG units to create new logos or stand-alone graphic identities. Exceptions might include temporary initiatives like institutional celebrations or fundraising campaigns, but even those would be created with the greater UNCG brand attributes and objectives in mind.

Any new logos must be undertaken with the consultation of University Relations.  Please complete this form to request a consultation.