The purpose of this Brand Guide is to support your marketing and communication goals with an entire suite of resources and tools from photography and writing guidelines to logoscolors, the taglinesocial media standards and more. Above all else, become familiar with UNCG’s “Why-How-What” Strategy, which will inform all of your communication decisions. Under that tab, you will find a research-based approach unique to UNCG and essential for developing authentic, distinctive materials that resonate with your audience.

Web and electronic media overview


UNCG web sites and other eMedia are an integral part of our marketing and communication efforts. They often shape the first impressions people form of UNCG. Implementing our university branding across all of these channels provides a consistent and professional presentation for the university, improves usability and uses university resources efficiently.

In addition to web sites, eMedia includes, but is not limited to, enewsletters, blogs, social media, video, interactive media and slideshows, and Microsoft PowerPoint templates.


A significant upgrade to UNCG Unit Web Site Requirements (UWSR) was rolled out in October of 2011 to address the need for an updated look and feel, wider pages (from 600 pixels to 960 pixels), and better use of the university colors across the site.

The new web site design includes a header, footer and background with some basic CSS global styling. New HTML and WordPress templates and (UWSR) are available for campus web developers from the Internet Oversight Committee (IOC) web site. All UNCG web sites are required to comply with the unit web site requirements by August 30, 2012.  If you feel you need an extension, you may request one from the IOC.


With the launch of this brand guide web site, updated photography guidelines, fonts and supplementary color palettes are available for use in all eMedia. These brand guidelines are to be used in addition to the UWSR. Units will build on the basic framework of the header, footer and other standard elements, adding the other brand elements into the body/content area of web sites.

Additional guidelines on how to apply the brand guidelines to your web content will be added later in the year, including additional examples, tools and templates.

If you wish to dive in, this brand guide web site was designed using UNCG’s brand elements and can, therefore, be used as a visual reference for implementing fonts, colors and photography. As more UNCG web sites begin to implement the brand look and feel, we will add examples to the gallery section of the brand guide. Check back periodically to see what has been added.

If you have questions about the use of the brand elements, contact