Web Design Guidelines


The components that form the requirements, guidelines and recommendations for creating web sites at UNCG originate from two sources:

1.    University Web Standards and Requirements are set and overseen by the Internet Oversight Committee (IOC). The IOC web site outlines all unit web site standards and required elements, web policies and initiatives, detailed technical information, instruction and downloads regarding the UNCG HTML templates and WordPress templates.

2.    The UNCG Brand Guidelines were determined by the Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication (IMSC) Initiative, led by a committee of both internal and external representatives. This group developed UNCG brand guidelines with the goal of sharing a unified message and presenting a clear, compelling, unique identity within the UNC system and among the nation’s universities.


If you are just getting started with designing or developing web sites at UNCG, below is an overview to help you create effective unit web sites that adhere to all UNCG guidelines and recommendations.

Be aware that even if a unit web site doesn’t live on an official UNCG server, it is still subject to, and should adhere to the UWSR and UNCG Brand Guidelines.

1.    Get oriented by starting with an overview of the UNCG web templates.
There are three parts to a basic UNCG web template: the header, the body/content area and the footer. The body/content area is where a unit’s web site content belongs.

2.    Next, learn about the UWSR and web-related policies at UNCG. Familiarize yourself with our accessibility guidelines.

3.    At the IOC web assets page, learn to create a basic web site using the UNCG HTML templates or the UNCG WordPress template. Learn more about the required elements, assets and global styles. Learn to validate your web site to make sure that your code is well-formed and follows the minimum web coding standards for UNCG.

4.    Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 1.0) when adding additional styling to a unit web site. Be sure to follow global style recommendations regarding web fonts, web colors and logo use.

5.    Learn how to implement individual unit Google analytics for a unit web site in the UWSR.


1.    Learn about recommendations for the “Why-How-What” Strategy.

2.    Learn how to properly use and apply all the UNCG brand elements (color,  photography, and fonts) in the content area of a unit web site.

3.    Review techniques for writing more effective web content.