Writing Overview


Everyone knows there are rules in writing – whether it’s the big grammatical stuff (say, subject-verb agreement) or small details (when exactly do you use the term alumnae?). Crafting words in a way that motivates your audience to respond is another challenge of writing. In this section, you’ll find helpful publicity and copywriting resources, such as the university style guide and the UNCG “Why-How-What” Strategy.

Whether you’re writing a newsletter, press release, post card or magazine, use this guide to be sure your work is consistent with other publications on campus. You’ll also find information about writing the university name correctly (no hyphen), when it’s appropriate to capitalize a person’s title and when it’s not (before the name, yes; after the name, no), and answers to a host of other questions.

Generally, UNCG follows the Associated Press Stylebook, which is used by journalists. Academic papers might follow MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style, but UNCG has chosen AP for our publications because the style is familiar to a broad audience. While the guide includes AP style, we also have entries that are unique to UNCG.

When copywriting, it is important to keep in mind the UNCG voice. Review the Copywriting section for an overview about how to reflect that voice in your own marketing and communication materials.

Overall, being consistent with the rules of UNCG style and voice makes it easier on the reader. When the reader is comfortable, the best thing happens — your work gets read.