UNCG Brand Personality


The UNCG Brand Personality is a supplemental resource that provides additional context to the Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication (IMSC) process and its outcomes. 

The UNCG brand should reflect the truth. It should hit upon the emotional core of what matters most to the people we serve and be born from the perspective of those who know us best. For that reason, we let interviews, focus groups and surveys with UNCG friends and family provide a foundation for the development of our brand messaging. These findings may help inform your own marketing and communication.

Here is what we learned.

During focus group discussions, students, faculty, staff and alumni described what UNCG signifies to them. They defined the UNCG brand this way:

UNCG is authentic.

UNCG is down-to-earth.

 UNCG applauds individuality.

UNCG is real-world oriented.


We also learned that at UNCG’s core is a campus culture that fuels our work — our motto of service. Focus group attendees told us that UNCG has a special commitment to helping students find their unique place in the world and empowering them to make a positive contribution through collaborative community engagement, no matter their field of study.

In fact, it’s not just students who become empowered. Faculty and staff share the desire to make a meaningful difference through their individual and shared work. During these sessions, colleagues expressed pride in who we are as a university and in what we can achieve. That pride was enhanced as faculty and staff came away from the sessions with a greater awareness of the breadth of our contributions and a renewed vision for connecting one another’s work. This is one way in which faculty and staff express the drive to Do something bigger altogether.                                        

UNCG Brand Core Values

These values are at the core of UNCG’s character and reflect the manner in which we approach our work.

Mentoring, Enlightened, Experienced, Championing, Revealing, Assured, Constant

UNCG Brand Personality

The following are associated descriptors of UNCG’s character and qualities that characterize the call to Do something bigger altogether.

Confident, Wise, Reflective, Aware, Knowing, Sage, Perceptive