Get Me Started


I’m ready to get started. Could you show me an example?
The online gallery provides executions that demonstrate how the brand elements work together with the “Why-How-What” Strategy for copywriting and photography.

How will I know I’ve done it correctly?
Have you followed the “Why-How-What” Strategy, placing primary emphasis on the call to Do something bigger altogether? Have you followed with a description around how UNCG connects theory and practice to bring learning to life? Do your “What” messages provide support by exemplifying UNCG’s challenging academic programs, supportive environment and engaged community? Does your piece carry a tone that sounds as if you are relating to the experience of being one of our students, donors or alumni?

Congratulations. This is the UNCG voice.

If you feel unsure about how the “What-How-Why” Strategy relates to your marketing and communication materials, take a look at all of the resources available to you through this Brand Guide. The brand elements section provides direction for logos, colors, the tagline and more. You’ll also find pages on web, photography, social media, writing and press.

While these resources contain specific brand guidelines, to the right are links to research-based Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication (IMSC) outcomes that you might find helpful. They include UNCG’s Brand Personality, the UNCG Elevator Speech and the UNCG Brand Chart to guide the development of your “What” messages. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for Brand Standards Training sessions, which will help you begin applying a strategic approach to your own marketing and communication.

Are there instances in which the “Why-How-What” Strategy does not apply to my marketing and communication?
Yes. The next page addresses exactly that. There, you will find examples of how to distinguish between when to apply the strategy and when your marketing and communication piece is purely “What” oriented. Brand elements like the logo and the university colors, however, always apply.