UNCG Elevator Speech


The UNCG Elevator Speech is a supplemental resource that provides additional context to the Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication (IMSC) process and its outcomes. 

Just as our brand aligns with who we are, it also aligns with our mission as an inclusive, responsive, collaborative institution inside a supportive and engaged community.

University Mission Statement:  UNCG will redefine the public research university for the 21st century as an inclusive, collaborative and responsive institution making a difference in the lives of students and the communities it serves.

UNCG is redefining the public research university as one that not only focuses on challenging, high-quality academics, but also on opportunities that bring learning to life by teaching practical, meaningful and transformational lessons that can be carried forward for the rest of people’s lives. The result is that our people go on to Do something bigger altogether. 

The following UNCG Elevator Speech is a quick brand expression intended for use with audiences outside the immediate UNCG community such as prospective students, friends and donors. By describing the values that drive our work and make us who we are as a university community, the elevator speech gives you a specific and concise talking point for helping audiences understand our campus culture and points of distinction. Use this elevator speech to lead to further discussions and storytelling about UNCG.

UNCG stands apart not only by the people we attract, but by the difference they make. At our university, what matters in addition to what is taught is how the lessons learned are carried forward. UNCG’s challenging programs, supportive environment and engaged community form a learning experience that empowers us all to do something bigger altogether.”