Strategy Exemptions


Are there instances when the “Why-How-What” Strategy does not apply? Yes.

All marketing and communication promotes the university and supports its mission in one way or another. But there are instances in which the purpose of your piece is simply to share information or to publicize an event without the overt objectives of recruiting, retaining, cultivating, fundraising or building affinity.

If you are primarily disseminating information rather than showcasing the ways we bring learning to life and challenge people to Do something bigger altogether, then the “Why-How-What” Strategy for copywriting and black and white photography does not apply.

The examples below will help you determine the difference. For an example of a piece that falls into the “Personal Choice” category, be sure to look at the Transfer Tuesday poster below.

Remember: While every marketing and communication piece does not require the “Why-How-What” Strategy, UNCG brand guidelines for logos, colors, fonts, and color photography always apply.

Why-How-What strategy applies

Undergraduate Viewbook

Why-How-What strategy does not apply

Admitted students checklist 2011

Personal choice

Transfer Tuesday event poster

Consider how all of your marketing and communication can take advantage of the Why-How-What strategy. Even in cases where it is not required, it may present an opportunity to make your piece more meaningful and unique, and potentially more effective.

“Why-How-What” Strategy does not apply:  additional examples

Poster announcing

ITS initiative

UNCG Traditions Poster

Poster announcing

faculty lecture