Experts List

Experts for: History

Omar H. Ali

Associate Professor, African American Studies & History
PhD Columbia University
(336) 334-5507,

  • Independent Voters
  • Black History
  • African Diaspora
  • Islam and Muslims

Richard E. Barton

Associate Professor, History
PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
(336) 334-3998,

  • History of the European Middle Ages (500-1500); Political, Social, Religious

Charles Bolton

Professor, History
PhD Duke University
(336) 334-5204,

  • School integration
  • Oral history
  • History of the U.S. South

Claudia Cabello Hutt

Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Rutgers University
(336) 334-3853,

  • Latin American Literature (women writers, Chile, Gabriela Mistral)
  • Latin American History of Feminism

Roberto E. Campo

Professor, International & Global Studies
Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD University of Pennsylvania
(336) 334-3311,

  • Internationalizing the campus and our 21st century students
  • Bringing Asian Studies to our students and the greater-Greensboro community
  • French Culture, History, Literature
  • Phi Beta Delta International Scholars Honor Society

James V. Carmichael, Jr.

Professor, Library & Information Studies
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-3478,

  • Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • Southern Library History

James Revell Carr

Assistant Professor, Music Studies
PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
(336) 334-5030,

  • American Folk & Pop Music
  • Music & Protest Movements
  • Music & the Media
  • Music in the Aftermath of Disasters

Stuart Dischell

Professor, English
MFA The University of Iowa
(336) 334-5459,

  • Poetry and Literature
  • Paris Travel and History

A. Asa Eger

Assistant Professor, History
PhD The University of Chicago
(336) 334-5203,

  • Archaeology of the Middle East
  • Islam & Archaeology
  • Excavations in Turkey

Mark Elliott

Associate Professor, History
PhD New York University
(336) 334-5992,

  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Plessy v. Ferguson
  • Albion W. Tourgee
  • Civil Rights

Benjamin Filene

Associate Professor, History
PhD Yale University
(336) 334-5645,

  • Folk/Blues/"Roots" Musics
  • Museums, Public History, History and Memory

Michael Frierson

Associate Professor, Media Studies
PhD University of Michigan
(336) 334-5360,

  • History of Animation

Linda Gann

Assistant Professor, Library & Information Studies
PhD The University of Oklahoma
(336) 334-3479,

  • School Libraries: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  • Reading Best Practices (for adults, teachers, school administrators)
  • National Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for School Library Media Programs
  • Censorship, intellectual freedom
  • Representation of diversity in children and young adult materials.

Keith Phelan Gorman

Head, Special Collections and University Archives, University Libraries
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 334-3136,

  • Holdings in UNCG Special Collections and University Archives
  • The History of UNCG and Greensboro
  • Impact of Museums and Archives on History and Community Memory
  • Photographs and Monuments and their Role in Collective Memory

Tara T. Green

Professor and Director, African American Studies
PhD Louisiana State University
(336) 334-5507,

  • Barack Obama (Biography)
  • Images of Black Women in the Media
  • Fatherlessness in Black Communities
  • Racism/Sexism
  • 21st Century African American Studies Curriculum & Programs
  • The History of WC/UNCG Student Integration
  • Oprah Winfrey and Film

William Hamilton

Professor Emeritus, Conflict & Peace Studies
PhD Tulane University
(336) 855-5461,

  • Human Rights
  • Latin American Political and Intellectual History
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin American
  • Terrorism, Political Violence, and Radical Orthodoxies
  • Politics and Fundamentalist Religion

Robert Hansen

Professor, Theatre
PhD University of Minnesota
(336) 334-3186,

  • Theatre & Theatre History
  • Programs in the College of Arts & Sciences

Nancy Hodges

Professor, Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studies
PhD University of Minnesota
(336) 256-0291,

  • Employment in the N.C. Textile and Apparel Industries
  • Dress in history and society
  • Cross cultural issues in dress

Ana Hontanilla

Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Washington University in St. Louis
(336) 334-3335,

  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Films, History, and Politics
  • HIstory of slavery in Latin America

Phyllis Hunter

Associate Professor, History
PhD College of William & Mary
(336) 334-5992,

  • History of Global Capitalism
  • Colonial American Settlement
  • Early American Trade With China

Corey Johnson

Assistant Professor, Geography
PhD University of Oregon
(336) 334-3919,

  • The European Union
  • German Unification
  • Political Geography of International Disputes
  • Geopolitics of Energy
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Shale Gas/Hydraulic Fracturing

Jeffrey W. Jones

Associate Professor, History
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-4068,

  • Russian/Soviet history
  • Middle Eastern history
  • Afghanistan

Beth Ann Koelsch

Curator of the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project, University Archives
MLS The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-5838,

  • Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Histocial Project
  • Women in the U.S. Military

Derek Krueger

Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor, Religious Studies
Program Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies
PhD Princeton University
(336) 334-5762,

  • Early and Medieval Christian History
  • Religion and the Arts
  • Christianity and Gender

Andre Lash

Lecturer, Music Performance
DMA Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester
(706) 224-7789,

  • History of the Organ and It's Usage

Lisa Levenstein

Associate Professor, History
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 334-5992,

  • Women's History in the U.S.
  • Feminism - History & Current Events
  • Women & Poverty, Welfare Reform
  • African American Women's History
  • Women and Employment - History & Current Events
  • Women, Work and Families - History & Contemporary Issues

Emily J. Levine

Assistant Professor, History
Ph.D. Stanford University
(919) 884-6531,

  • Modern German history
  • Modern Jewish thought and history
  • History of Ideas, intellectual communities, and universities
  • Transatlanticism and German-American Relations

Andreas Lixl

Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Research Fellow, Center for New North Carolinians
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 256-1155,

  • Carolinian Immigrants: Literary and Historical Perspectives
  • Germany after The Wall: Immigration and Integration
  • Foreign Language Teaching Technologies: Online German
  • Women of Exile: German-Jewish Autobiographies

Ignacio Lopez

Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain
(336) 334-3853,

  • Spanish Medieval Art and Literature
  • Spanish Early Modern Art and Literature

Joanne M. A. Murphy

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
PhD University of Cincinnati
(336) 334-9904,

  • Greek Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Death
  • Bronze Age Mycenaean Palaces
  • Archaeology of Religion

Donna Nash

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
PhD University of Florida
(336) 334-5132,

  • Any new find in the prehistory of Peru-(Any topic from Peopling of the New World to the Inca)
  • Monuments or Architecture in Pre-columbian Latin America

John Neufeld

Professor, Economics
PhD University of Michigan
(336) 334-4869,

  • Electric Power Industry, Including History
  • Energy Policy

Arndt Niebisch

Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Johns Hopkins University
(336) 334-3853,

  • Science, Technology and Culture
  • Media Theory
  • European Avant-Garde

Greg O'Brien

Associate Professor, History
PhD University of Kentucky
(336) 334-3988,

  • American Indian History
  • Environmental History of the U.S.
  • Natural Disasters in New Orleans
  • American Indians in the Southeast

Susanne Rinner

Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Georgetown University
(336) 334-4857,

  • German Literature, Film, & Cultural Studies
  • The Sixties
  • Women Writers in German Speaking Countries
  • Contemporary Germany

Kailan Ruth Rubinoff

Associate Professor, Music Studies
PhD University of Alberta
(336) 334-9859,

  • Baroque Music
  • Music of the Netherlands
  • 20th-century music
  • Historical performance

Karl Schleunes

Professor Emeritus, History
PhD University of Minnesota
(336) 315-7044,

  • Holocaust
  • Modern Germany

Mark Schumacher

Reference Librarian, University Libraries
MLS State University of New York at Buffalo
(336) 334-3215,

  • Librarianship
  • Frisbee (history, ethos, technique)

Roy Schwartzman

Professor, Communication Studies
PhD The University of Iowa
(336) 509-2701,

  • The Holocaust and anti-Semitism
  • Political communication
  • Communication and technology
  • Metaphor and figurative language
  • Propaganda and Persuasion
  • Argumentation and debate

Loren Schweninger

Professor Emeritus, History
PhD The University of Chicago
(336) 691-1230,

  • United States slavery
  • Free blacks in a Slave Society

Robert Holschuh Simmons

Visiting Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
PhD The University of Iowa
(336) 334-5214,

  • Classical Greek Tragedy and Comedy
  • Archaic Greek Epic Poetry
  • Class Conflict in Ancient Greece
  • Greek Interactions with the Ancient Middle East

J. David Smith

Professor Emeritus, Specialized Education Services
EdD Columbia University
(336) 334-3738,

  • Disability Rights and History
  • Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Carmen Sotomayor

Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Michigan State University
(336) 334-5655,

  • Spain: Twentieth Century and Contemporary Issues
  • Spanish Civil War (1936-39) Visual Arts, Literature and History

Linda France Stine

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Director, Archaeology Laboratory
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-5132,

  • Historic Archaeology
  • African-American Archaeology
  • Preservation Topics

David Wharton

Associate Professor, Classical Studies
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-5726,

  • Latin in the Secondary School Curriculum
  • Latin / Ancient Greek Language and Literature
  • The Classical World
  • Linguistics

Andrew Willis

Professor, Music Performance
DMA Cornell University
(336) 334-5508,

  • Performance Practice in Classical and Romantic Piano Music
  • History of the Piano
  • Piano Literature

Jonathan Zarecki

Associate Professor, Classical Studies
PhD University of Florida
(336) 404-4902,

  • Rhetoric and Oratory
  • Political Theory (particularly different types of governments)
  • History of Warfare