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Dr. Beth Barba

Dr. Beth Barba (Nursing) received funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for the project “Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Project 4.” It will develop and implement continuing education programs related to non-phamacologic intervention strategies for geriatric care to interdisciplinary health personnel, families and communities who are responsible for the health care of elderly individuals in culturally, linguistically, socio-economically and geographically diverse backgrounds. The program content addresses dementia behaviors, health-related quality of life, mental health and mental disorders, nutrition and weight loss, and sleep health. Research shows that increasing the use of non-pharmacologic intervention strategies can result in improved quality of life, decreased hospitalizations, and decreased use of psychoactive medications, all of which improve elder health outcomes. Programs will be taught in education venues and health facilities in NC and online learning through collaboration with the Area Health Education Centers, Carolina Geriatric Education Center, and the UNCG School of Nursing. Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Tom McCoy, and Dr. Jie Hu are also involved in the project.