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Newly named senior lecturers in College of Arts & Sciences

Photo of Foust BuildingLast year, 20 lecturers in the UNCG College of Arts & Sciences were promoted to the new rank of senior lecturer. Promotion is based on a recommendation from the department and requires at least five years of full-time service to the college, excellent teaching credentials and a record of additional contributions to the institution or the profession.

Dean Timothy D. Johnston said, “I am very pleased to be able to recognize the long record of outstanding contributions to the college by these individuals, some of whom have served in their positions for more than two decades. Our non-tenure-track faculty are vital to the College’s teaching mission and include among their ranks some of our most dedicated and successful teachers. In addition, these individuals have made contributions that go beyond the classroom, including serving in important leadership roles, or maintaining active programs of research or scholarship.”

Promotions to the new rank took effect Aug. 1, 2013. The following individuals were promoted to senior lecturer:
Mark Armstrong, Computer Science
Jeff Colbert, Political Science
Jacquelyn Daughton, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Dorothy Davis, Anthropology
Peter Dola, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Franklin Donaldson, Media Studies
Patricia Fairfield-Artman, Communication Studies
Richard Gallimore, Philosophy
Mary Hall-Brown, Geography
Pamela Ladrow, Psychology
Ellen Lamb, Biology
G. Jay Lennartson, Geography
Wade Maki, Philosophy
Robin Maxwell, Biology
Jessica McCall, Communication Studies
Leigh Sink, Political Science
Ann Somers, Biology
Chiaki Takagi, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Elizabeth Walker, Women’s & Gender Studies
Walker Wiegel, Mathematics & Statistics