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UNCG’s quiet, quick electric motorcycles

Photo of Sergeant McCoy on electric motorcycleUNCG was recently lauded by Sierra Magazine as a sustainability-minded “Cool School.” Here’s another reason why:

The UNCG Police Department now has two motorcycles. In fact, they’re electric motorcycles. And they’re as quiet and as quick as they are sustainable.

Battery powered, a charge lasts 132 miles, Captain Richard Bailey explains. “It costs 96 cents to fully charge it.”

It’s a “green technology,” he explains. It has no drive train – no fluids or the parts that complement a fuel system – so maintenance is minimal. The motorcycle puts out no emissions.

And it’s quiet, which can be helpful in some situations.

Cpl. A.E. Joyner, one of several officers currently using them, pointed out some of the features. The siren. The blue and red lights. The storage space. The recharger cord that plugs into any normal outlet.

The UNCG police staff have four mountain bikes, but the Zero DS 11.4 motorcycle can take you more places and you can respond to a call more quickly. The top speed is listed at 95 mph, but of course they will never need to go so fast.

UNCG is known for its sustainability initiatives. This is one more example of being a sustainability leader.

UNCG Police is among the first police departments in North Carolina to have electric motorcycles. Bailey knows of no other university in the state that has them yet.

The sedans in the UNCG police fleet are leased from the State Motor Fleet, and they cost 38 cents a mile to operate, Bailey explains. That adds up, compared to the low-maintenance motorcycles. “It ends up costing about $150 a year to operate the motorcycle. In five years the motorcycle should pay for itself.”

Advantageous for the environment. Quick and nimble in response to calls. Cost-efficient over the long-term.

That is cool.

By Mike Harris
Photograph: Sergeant McCoy on electric motorcycle on UNCG’s College Avenue.