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SECC starts toward $200,000 goal

Photo of solicitors receiving their envelopesGet ready, get set, go. The State Employees Combined Campaign is off and running.

The State Employees Combined Campaign, or SECC, is the annual giving campaign for state employees. Participants can donate to any of a 1,000+ charitable organizations.

“It’s an efficient way to give to your favorite charities,” said this year’s SECC chair Dr. Ruth DeHoog (Political Science). “These organizations have been screened. They’re not fly-by-night. They have to apply and supply financials and mission statements. It’s pretty rigorous.”

This year, UNCG has set a goal of $200,000.

In the past, UNCG has matched up well against other UNC system schools. Last year, the university tied with NC State University for the second-highest employee participation rate. The state average for giving was $200; UNCG’s average was $209 per participant.

“We have bragging rights,” DeHoog said. “We want to uphold that tradition.”

Participation rates are based on the percentage of people who turn in their pledge form, whether they choose to give or not. All is anonymous.

If you do choose to give, your name and your giving choices will not be shared with outside organizations who might add you to their mailing lists. DeHoog knows how frustrating that can be. Years ago, she gave to an organization (not affiliated with SECC) and still receives mail from them, she said.

She also sees a benefit to giving at this time of year, rather than at year-end.

“You have some thought time to give to what is meaningful,” she said. “You have time to think, ‘How does my giving reflect my priorities?’”

The fact that UNCG is consistently one of the campus leaders within the UNC system says a lot about who we are.

“It communicates our vision for our campus and the types of employees we have here,” DeHoog said.

To learn more about SECC, visit secc.wp.uncg.edu. Your department solicitor will have pledge forms, but if you’d like to go paperless, use the ePledge form found on the site. You also can search the charities supported by the SECC.

The campaign will run through Nov. 7.

By Beth English