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63 faculty members honored at Promotion/Tenure event

101916feature_promotiontenureUNCG has a special way to honor those faculty attaining tenure and/or promotion. The faculty get to choose a book for the university libraries – and that book will forever bear a special marker noting the occasion.

Sixty-three faculty members were honored earlier this month in the annual Promotion and Tenure Attainment Recognition Event at the Virginia Dare Room of the Alumni House. Honorees select a book, DVD, or music CD that has special meaning to them – and a book plate was applied to each, to commemorate the faculty member’s achievements. The books were on display at the event.

Each recipient was also offered the chance to have a photograph made with their selection, to create posters in the tradition of the American Library Association READ posters.

This reception was jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the University Libraries. All honorees are listed below, with links to pages for individual faculty members who chose to participate. The faculty pages include a photograph and the statement about the selected title.

A display commemorating the event can be viewed next to the Reference Desk in the Jackson Library lobby. The books selected, along with the personal statements, are currently on display on the first level of Jackson Library.

2016 Promotion and Tenure Honorees

Dr. Omar H. Ali, African American and African Diaspora Studies

Ms. Janet Allard, Theatre

Dr. Joi W. Bulls, Human Development and Family Studies

Mr. Dennis A. Burnes, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mr. Michael D. Cauthen, African American and African Diaspora Studies

Dr. Nadja B. Cech, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Sarah Jane Cervenak, Women’s and Gender Studies, African American and African Diaspora Studies

Ms. Joyce F. Clapp, Sociology

Ms. Yekaterina Colon, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Dr. Jewell E. Cooper, Teacher Education and Higher Education

Ms. Randi Culp-Stewart, Genetic Counseling

Ms. Jenny E. M. Dale, University Libraries

Dr. Ann W. Davis, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Dr. Jigna M. Dharod, Nutrition

Dr. Michelle M. Dowd, English

Dr. Charles P. Egeland, Anthropology

Mr. Bryan Ellis, Art

Dr. Talia Fernos, Mathematics and Statistics

Mr. Michael Flannery, Theatre

Dr. Anne C. Fletcher, Human Development and Family Studies

Mrs. Mary Ann Gerhard, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. Laura M. Gonzalez, Counseling and Educational Development

Dr. Keith Phelan Gorman, University Libraries

Dr. Gregory P. Grieve, Religious Studies

Mr. David Gwynn, University Libraries

Mr. Steve Haines, Music Performance

Ms. Babbi Hawkins, Nutrition

Dr. Stephen P. Holland, Economics

Ms. Margaret K. Hood, Biology

Dr. Tracey H. Howell, Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Emily M. Janke, Peace and Conflict Studies

Dr. Zhenquan Jia, Biology

Ms. Wendy K. Jones-Worden, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Dr. Jennifer M. Keith, English

Dr. Emily J. Levine, History

Dr. Stuart Marcovitch, Psychology

Dr. Gregory E. McAvoy, Political Science

Dr. W. Roger Mills-Koonce, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Alexandra S. Moore, English

Dr. Donna J. Nash, Anthropology

Mr. James A. Nelson, Geography

Dr. Fatih Oguz, Library and Information Studies

Dr. Yashomati M. Patel, Biology

Dr. Michael A. Perko, Public Health Education

Dr. Scott W. Rawls, Music Performance

Dr. Christopher K. Rhea, Kinesiology

Dr. Kelly L. Rulison, Public Health Education

Dr. Mary Catherine Scott-Little, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Lenka H. Shriver, Nutrition

Dr. Paul Silvia, Psychology

Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein, Psychology

Dr. Linda France Stine, Anthropology

Dr. Selima Sultana, Geography

Dr. Amanda E. Tanner, Public Health Education

Dr. Elizabeth S. Tomlin, Biology

Dr. Dayna R. Touron, Psychology

Dr. Bas van der Vossen, Philosophy

Dr. Leila E. Villaverde, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Dr. Peter B. Villella, History

Dr. Kelly L. Wester, Counseling and Educational Development

Dr. Saundra D. Westervelt, Sociology

Mr. Kenneth D. White, Theatre

Mr. James M. Wren, Theatre