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Dan Hendrickson’s vision for campus health

For Dr. Dan Hendrickson, UNCG’s new medical director of Student Health Services, college campus health is his ultimate calling. As a parent of three college athletes, and a physician who’s spent most of his career serving a student population, he knows the student is not a number.

One new thing Hendrickson is bringing to UNCG’s student health center operations is the Student Health Advisory Committee, a group of eight to ten students who will help assess UNCG’s health services.

He is also looking forward to collaborating with the new Kaplan Center for Wellness, the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services and other campus health resources.

In 2015, UNCG was chosen by Active Minds as one of five campuses in the nation distinguished in prioritizing health and in creating a healthy college community, and Hendrickson is pleased to build on that accomplishment. His vision for a campus health center focuses on understanding day-to-day life on a campus, offering integrated services to each individual student. He says there is no one size fits all for managing the health of a campus community.

Before coming to UNCG, Hendrickson spent 18 years as director of medical services and head team physician for the University of Michigan Athletic Department, and was a staff physician at their University Health Services. Before that, he was an assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Penn State University College of Medicine and an attending physician in the Department of Medicine at Lehigh Valley Hospital. He has covered many championship events and Bowl games with Michigan Athletics, as well as the New York City Marathon, and has served as a volunteer at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.

With “education in his blood,” as he says, Dr. Hendrickson takes it as his mission not only to provide accessible and high quality health services to all students, but also to teach them about their health care options.

“We have the ability to work with a multidisciplinary approach, because there’s so much here,” he says.

By Susan Kirby-Smith