UNCG Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

Murphie Chappell

Murphie Chappell (Office of the Chancellor) received new funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety for the project “UNCG Service Expansion for Victims of Campus Violence.” According to the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, less than five percent of rapes on campuses are reported to authorities and reporting is more likely when reporting mechanisms are clearly established, publicized and handled in a consistent and appropriate manner.  In order to increase the effectiveness of the response to violence and increase reporting, UNCG will develop and implement the Campus Violence Response Center (CVRC), a vital project focused on increasing knowledge of, and access to, comprehensive campus and community services for victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and other forms of campus violence. UNCG CVRC, the first of its kind in the UNC system, was formed from the best practice family justice center model. The CVRC will create a single point of access where many partners with a united mission respond to provide comprehensive services to all victims of campus violence.