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Trustees discuss millennial districts, tuition rates, Athletics review

The UNCG Board of Trustees met Dec. 9 in the Kaplan Center for Wellness. Some highlights of the meeting:

Tuition and fees set for 2017-18
Current undergraduates have their tuition rates fixed – the tuition will not go up as long as they are enrolled full time​​ through graduation​ (​up to​ eight consecutive semesters). That freeze is part of a state bill passed last summer.

Incoming first-year students next fall will pay 2 percent more in tuition, which will be fixed as long as they are enrolled full time (for eight consecutive semesters). The 2 percent cap was set by UNC General Administration.

Student fees next fall will increase for all students by 3 percent.

Two millennial districts
Much like it did with the creation of the Gateway University Research Park – a millennial campus operated by UNCG and N.C. A&T State – UNCG is planning to create two more districts to spur collaboration with the private sector and enhance student learning.

One millennial district would center on health and wellness, a theme of the new strategic plan. This district will include Spartan Village and the Kaplan Center for Wellness, in addition to Sullivan Science and the Nursing / STEM building that will replace McIver Building.

The other would focus on the visual and performing arts. It will stretch along much of Tate Street – including the Music Building on McIver.

The trustees voted their approval. These districts will now need approval from the UNCG Board of Governors.

Power of history /power of interpretation
Dr. Benjamin Filene and one graduate student gave the trustees an update on Museum Studies’ work related to UNCG Auditorium.

A long-range goal is for Filene and the Museum Studies program in the Department of History to bring a proposal to the Board of Trustees in May 2017 for an exhibition in UNCG Auditorium about Aycock’s historical context and legacies. In February 2016, the board voted to remove its former (Aycock Auditorium) name and name it UNCG Auditorium.

Last semester, the Museum Studies graduate students in the Department of History focused on “commemoration” at UNCG. They explored the many ways people have been commemorated at a university.
Graduate student Katherine Simmons presented the interactive map the Museum Studies Class of 2018 created in the fall, of UNCG’s “commemorative landscape.” It is posted on the website “Building Legacies at UNCG.”

The site features detailed biographies, commemorative histories, and imaginative visions for re-commemoration. UNCG’s Special Collections and University Archives and Electronic Resources & Information Technology in Jackson Library collaborated with the students on the project.

Review of Athletics
A consultant from Collegiate Sports Associates presented its study of the UNCG Athletics program. A few of the key points were:

  • Athletics should have a defined identity at UNCG – a defined role and place at this university.
  • UNCG should focus on the competitive success of men’s basketball. And men’s basketball should be the focus of athletic marketing. “A successful men’s basketball program provides the best opportunity for athletics to enhance the university’s reputation and its local, regional and national brand.”
  • Maybe more games should be played in Fleming Gym, instead of nearly all men’s games being played in the coliseum. That would generate money.
  • An on-campus multi-purpose convocation and events center should be considered when men’s basketball becomes consistently more successful.

Parking rates will rise
The trustees approved an increase in the parking rates – the first increase in three years. It will take effect Aug. 1, 2017. The price for an employee surface lot permit (this is where many faculty and staff park) will go up $22 next year to $333.

By Mike Harris