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UNCG Spartan Recovery Program update

On December 12, 2016, UNC Horizons, a program of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, traveled to Greensboro to host a luncheon for female members of UNCG’s Spartan Recovery Program (SRP). Horizons, a substance abuse treatment program for pregnant and parenting women and their children, including those whose lives have been touched by abuse and violence, hopes to cultivate a community that will encourage participants to take advantage of the support resources offered. UNC Horizons staff chose to seek input from SRP’s female members about recovery issues specific to women, after meeting several of the members at the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Recovery Conference in Raleigh this fall. Future collaborations are under discussion. Terri Spears serves as Coordinator for the Spartan Recovery Program.

UNCG’s Spartan Recovery Program (SRP,) a program of the Counseling Center in Student Health Services, a division of Student Affairs, is proud to share that our 19 active members had an average GPA for the Fall 2016 term of 3.68 with seven members achieving a GPA of 4.0. UNCG students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction benefit from the network of recovery support services that promote the personal, academic and professional goals of students in recovery. These accomplished SRP members prove that Spartans do not have to compromise their recovery or their academics during their pursuit of an enriched college experience.