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UNCG’s ‘Super Star Steppers’ – two employee teams finish in top-3 statewide

Two UNCG teams came in close to the top in the North Carolina Miles for Wellness Challenge 14, Celebration Trail: 100 Years of National Parks.

With 5,343 miles walked, The Hare Styles came in second place in the state in the Bionic Hare Division, and the Bryan Cruisers came in third. Bionic Hare is a new division, for teams who walk an average of more than 105,000 steps per week per member.

Both teams will be awarded a trophy by Katherine Hilliard, Statewide Wellness Coordinator, and the teams will receive state recognition in the Office of State Human Resources Newsletter.

Other leading UNCG teams included the Hare Balls, the Action Potentials, the Circulators, the GRE: Graduate Ramblers Ensemble, PHE Nominal and UNCG Anthropology.