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Anne Wallace honored at Faculty Senate mtg

Dr. Anne Wallace is completing her second term as Faculty Senate chair. She was the first to serve under the  revised rules providing for two-year terms for each chair.
She will be succeeded by Dr. Andrea Hunter, who’ll serve two terms.

Wallace began her term about the same time Chancellor Gilliam began his term as UNCG’s 11th chancellor.

The chancellor surprised her with a special, informal presentation at the end of the academic year’s final meeting, speaking for 10 minutes about her:

Wallace receives a token gift from the chancellor

“She helped show me the ropes in my first year,” he said. “She has deep institutional knowledge, and has been generous in sharing that.”

“She is an advocate for the faculty – she tells me the concerns of faculty, such as during the strategic plan process.”

She also encouraged him in likewise building a strong relationship with Staff Senate,” he added.

Minerva McGonagall” is how Wade Maki described her in a video with lots of campus and senate voices – the chancellor had noted her appreciation for the Harry Potter series.

“If I’m Dumbledore, then she’s Minerva McGonagall,” the chancellor’s lighthearted post-event tweet noted.