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Admissions requesting faculty help to update academic-related recruitment materials

Faculty and staff in departments offering undergraduate degree programs may expect a counselor from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to reach out in the coming weeks. Admissions is doing annual updates for two key recruitment pieces seen by thousands of students each year. These materials, the academic “one-pagers” and a departmental welcome message, are specific to each academic area and require faculty review each year to ensure accuracy.

The academic one-pager information is also listed on the Undergraduate “Majors & Concentrations” page, one of the most visited on UNCG’s entire site. The page has recently been reorganized to include a print-friendly version of each one-pager at the bottom right-hand rail of each degree program. In fact, faculty can easily distribute information about their academic areas by printing their one-pager.

Updates are happening through mid-August. If you’d like to reach out to your admissions liaison, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 336-334-5243.