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Greensboro Dance Film Festival Oct. 21 at GPS

Sugarfoote Productions presents the fourth annual Greensboro Dance Film Festival with support from the UNCG School of Dance and the Greensboro Project Space on Saturday, Oct. 21, 7 p.m., with rolling screenings at GPS (7 p.m.), HQ Greensboro (7:30 p.m.) and VCM Studio (8 p.m.). This year’s festival is also part of the Burning Bell Festival in Downtown Greensboro.

Associate Professor Robin Gee hosts the Greensboro Dance Film Festival in three locations along the south end of Elm Street. The festival, the first of its kind to reside in Greensboro, features dance films from 17 countries in both student and professional categories. The event will also host an opening reception at HQ Greensboro featuring live dance and music performances. The programs will also feature works that specifically address issues of race, place and identity in a modern and ever-changing world. Each location will feature a program designed for and unique to the space. GDFF will also culminate with a touring program that will travel to several locations around North Carolina as well as the Dance In/Out Festival in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa, as well as partner organizations around the country.

Sugarfoote Productions is a multipurpose arts organization created to help local audiences experience
the richness of African and Diasporan cultural traditions. GDFF is a boutique film festival seeking to connect diverse populations through the innovative genre of dance on screen. Merging performance  and cinematic aesthetics screen dance has expanded the possibilities of choreographic composition and structure by pushing the boundaries of dance beyond its staged possibilities. The festival highlights films from around the world and supports artists through interdisciplinary collaboration and artistic exchange.

For more information, contact: gso.dance.films@gmail.com or rmgee@uncg.edu or visit greensbordancefilms.org.