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Wade Maki

Photo of Wade MakiAt the General Faculty Meeting and Convocation on Sept. 16, 2015, Wade Maki (Philosophy) was nominated and elected acting secretary of the UNCG General Faculty. He will continue in office until a regular election of a new secretary is carried out by the Committee on Committees this spring.


Dr. Catherine Scott-Little/Ms. Teresa Sumrall (Human Development and Family Studies) received new funding from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Child Development for the project “Early Learning and Development Standards: An examination of caregivers’ knowledge, practices and professional development support and needs.”

Dr. Cheryl Callahan

Photo of Dr. Cheryl CallahanDr. Cheryl Callahan (Division of Student Affairs) received funding from the UNC General Administration for the project “UNCG: CRC – Collegiate Recovery Community.” This project is supported by funds from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services, Community Policy Management.

Dr. Kenneth Gruber

Dr. Kenneth Gruber (Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships) received funding from NC A&T State University for the project “Adolescents and Barriers to Selecting More Healthy Food Choices Study.” This project is supported by funds from the United States Department of Agriculture – National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Gruber will collaborate with Dr. Carinthia Cherry and Dr. Paula Faulkner of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in the conduct of a research project, “Adolescents and Barriers to Selecting More Healthy Food Choices,” which is designed to determine if a focused emphasis on eating specific types of foods can lead to healthier eating patterns among first year students attending NC A&T State University. The study will be administered under the auspices of NC A&T and its IRB review. The study is funded by Evans-Allen funding administered by the Office of Research, School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Stuart Dischell

Photo of Stuart DischellThe Contemporary Classics Poetry Series of Carnegie Mellon University Press will reissue Professor Stuart Dischell’s collection “Evenings & Avenues” (1996) and the 1991 National Poetry Series Prize winning collection “Good Hope Road” in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Dr. Perry Flynn

Photo of Dr. Perry FlynnDr. Perry Flynn (Communication Sciences and Disorders) has received funding from Phoenix Academy for a “Speech Language Pathology Service Contract with Phoenix Academy.” The purpose of this agreement is to provide speech and language therapy services to children in the Phoenix Academy who qualify for these services.


Speaking Center Director Kim Cuny and Assistant Director Erin Ellis have each published an essay in the new book “Communicating Advice.”  Both essays cover working in the UNCG Speaking Center with UNCG students.

In Cuny’s essay she explores consultant engagement as a means to encourage a steward mentality among her staff. Cuny finds that emphasizing stewardship and satisfaction leads to a staff more willing to take on tasks and who have a stronger commitment to the center itself.

Ellis leans on her work as both trainer and trainee as she urges incorporating creative and cooperative activities when training student employees. In this essay, she extends the training literature to include small group activities that are cooperative over competitive and to incorporate food into training events.

Dr. Maha Elobeid

Photo of Dr. Maha ElobeidDr. Maha Elobeid (Center for New North Carolinians) received renewed funding from the DHHS Office of Refugee Resettlement for “Micro-Enterprise for Refugees in the Triad.” Refugees, who traditionally have found employment in factories, have been among the hardest hit with the shortage of jobs and employment opportunities in the Triad area, the abstract states. There is also the problem of not having funds or resources to start up micro-enterprises for those refugees who have the skills, knowledge and experience to do so. This grant will provide loans to refugees who are selected based on experience, knowledge and skills to start up or expand an existing business. A revolving loan fund will be set up to provide for approximately 21 loans for around $4,500 each to selected refugees. The refugees will receive training on credit establishment, business plans, and business management and will be monitored to ensure that they are able to manage their business and repay the loan.


Dr. Kelly Wester and Dr. Keith Mobley (Counseling and Educational Development) received a continuation of funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration for “Enhancing Evidence-based Clinical Internships.” The Department of Counseling and Educational Development at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers CACREP-accredited master’s degree in Counseling. Seventy-five full-time students focusing on the at-risk youth population are anticipated to be eligible for clinical internship funding between 2014-2017. This funding will help support and train master’s-level counselors in their clinical internship and provide training in evidenced-based practices to these students and the primary care staff at their site placements.

Dr. Deborah Cassidy

Photo of Dr. Deborah CassidyDr. Deborah Cassidy (HDFS) received new funding from the Guilford County Partnership for Children. The project will address a critical need in Guilford County – the improvement of quality in community child care settings. The project addresses activities for family child care homes and centers including professional development, program enhancement through individual consultation, community learning sessions and workforce retention strategies including compensation. UNCG through the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (where the Birth through Kindergarten Teaching Licensure program is housed) will provide project leadership through advising and consultation. The project will be conducted in Guilford County early care and education programs.

Dr. Erick Byrd

Photo of Dr. Erick ByrdDr. Erick Byrd (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism) has received new funding from the City of Greensboro Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for a Greensboro Tourism Leisure and Conversion Market Segment Study.

Dr. Chris Payne

Photo of Dr. Chris PayneDr. Chris Payne (Center for Youth, Family, and Community)  received funding from Guilford County Partnership for Children for “Bringing Out the Best: Supporting Young Children’s Social and Emotional Development.”  This project will increase school readiness/success by improving the quality of the early education and care experiences for many infants and young children.

She has also received funding for the project “Supporting Vulnerable Families through the Juvenile Court Infant Toddler Initiative.”

Dr. Barbara Levin

Photo of Dr. Barbara LevinDr. Barbara Levin (TEHE) received new funding from the Grable Foundation for the project “Innovative Learning Pedagogies: A Proposal for Case Studies of Current Practices, Goals, and Outcomes.” The goal of this study is to understand how learning, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation happens in these settings, and what using these innovative pedagogies can teach educators about learners and learning in these 21st century environments.


Dr. Daniel Bibeau (Public Health Education) and Dr. Mike Perko (Public Health Education) have received new funding from the Wellness Council of America for a project. The Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) is the largest US member organization dedicated to worksite wellness, with over 5000 members companies, including Fortune 500 and 100 companies, representing 13 million employees. WELCOA has a decade of some of the richest data on what America’s healthiest companies do to help employees become healthier and reduce risk for disease. WELCOA has partnered exclusively with UNCG’s Public Health Education Department to analyze this dataset to look at national trends and future projections in best practices for employee health and wellness.

Dr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard

Photo of Dr. Melissa Floyd-PickardDr. Melissa Floyd-Pickard (Social Work) received a continuation of funding from SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services for “JMSW Behavioral Health Workforce Education Training. The Joint Master of Social Work Program is committed to educating future social work clinicians who are committed to social justice and diversity and inclusion. “Our recent shift to a multicultural clinical model and the current behavioral health service delivery system in North Carolina necessitates that students be trained to practice inter-professionally,” the abstract states.

Larissa Denk

Photo of Larissa DenkLarissa Denk (LLC) of Austria has been awarded a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program grant to serve as a teaching assistant in German and take courses at UNCG this academic year. Denk also serves as a Faculty in Residence. While in the United States, Denk will share her language and culture with U.S. communities to inspire Americans to travel and study overseas, and make U.S. citizens better prepared to engage with businesses, governments, and organizations abroad. Please join the LLC Dept. on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015, between 10 and 11 a.m. in the EUC Maple Room in order to meet Denk. The Meet and Greet will include a brief presentation on Austria with a Q/A. Questions? Email s_rinner@uncg.edu.

Dr. Heather Helms

Photo of Dr. Heather HelmsThe National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) is recognizing Dr. Heather Helms (Education) as the 2015 recipient of the Felix Berardo Scholarship Award, which is given to an NCFR member whose work has been noted for excellence in mentoring one or more junior colleagues. Details are at https://www.ncfr.org/sites/default/files/downloads/news/felix_berardo_scholarship_award_2015_heather_helms.pdf

Jim Fisher

Photo of Jim FisherJim Fisher (Theatre) has received an honor. The American Theatre and Drama Society has set up ten fellowships for young scholars to be given annually that will be called “James Fisher ATDS Fellowships.” Fisher has been asked to participate in selecting the recipients for 2015-16. Fisher, a UNCG alumnus, was the 2007 recipient of the Betty Jean Jones Award for Excellence in the Teaching of American Theatre from the American Theatre and Drama Society and was elected to membership in the National Theatre Conference in 2010. He has directed and/or acted in over 150 theatre productions.

Dr. Keith Debbage

Photo of Dr. Keith DebbageDr. Keith Debbage (Geography / Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism) will be the keynote speaker at the 2015 Triad Workplace Summit. His presentation is titled “Workforce Readiness and the Triad Economy.” The summit is Thursday, Sept. 24, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the HPB Insurance Center, 1200 E Hartley Dr., High Point. More information is at http://go.hpbtriad.com/workplacesummit#date.

Dr. Jessica Dollar

Photo of Dr. Jessica DollarDr. Jessica Dollar (Human Development and Family Studies) received new funding from the National Institutes for Health for the project “Childhood positive affect and anger as predictors of adolescent risky behavior.” Adolescent engagement in risky behaviors, including substance and tobacco use, early sexual contact, and antisocial behaviors, is a significant public health concern because it exacts a toll on individuals’ later functioning, as well as negatively affecting others,” the abstract states. “Yet, the mechanisms that explain adolescent risk-taking have not been identified. The proposed work takes a developmental perspective and integrates multiple levels of analysis to identify childhood biological and behavioral mechanisms of adolescent risk-taking.”

Steve Cramer

Photo of Steve CramerUNCG Business Librarian Steve Cramer has won the PrivCo Prize for Excellence in Business Librarianship. The PrivCo Prize is awarded to the librarian deemed best to embody the core values of the profession, and the winner is selected by an independent committee of leading business librarians committed to the adoption of best practices in the community. For more information, see http://uncgfol.blogspot.com/2015/09/business-librarian-steve-cramer-wins.html

Dr. Stephen Moore

Photo of Dr. Stephen MooreDr. Stephen Moore (Office of Research and Economic Development) received a continuation of funding from The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro for “Degrees Matter.” The grant will provide coordination for volunteers who will assist the Degrees Matter program with coaching adults who wish to return to post-secondary education to complete a degree or certificate program.

Dr. Zhanxiang Zhou

Photo of Dr. Zhanxiang ZhouDr. Zhanxiang Zhou (Translational Biomedical Research) received a competitive renewal from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the project “Lipotoxicity in Alcoholic Liver Disease.”

Dr. Julie Edmunds

Photo of Dr. Julie EdmundsDr. Julie Edmunds (SERVE) received a continuation of funding of $426,000 from the US Department of Education (DOED) for the project “The Impact of North Carolina’s Early College High School Model on Postsecondary Performance and Completion.”

Dr. Nicholas Oberlies

Photo of Dr. Nicholas OberliesDr. Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry and Biochemistry) received a continuation of funding from Ohio State University for the project “Anticancer agents from Diverse Natural products sources.” Filamentous fungi will be screened for anticancer activity, the abstract says. Promising extracts will be grown on a larger scale. Hits will be pursued via bioactivity directed fractionation until pure compounds are isolated/characterized.

Dr. Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell

Photo of Dr. Matina Kalcounis-RuppellDr. Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell (Biology) received new funding from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station for the project “Rodent Population and Community Responses to Coarse Woody Debris Manipulations.”

Dr. Susanne Rinner

Photo of Dr. Susanne RinnerDr. Susanne Rinner (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) received new funding from the German Embassy for the project “Campus Weeks 2015: 25 Years German Unity.” For the last three years, UNCG’s German Program has partnered successfully with German Weeks. Our participation led to several recognitions on campus and beyond. This fall’s German Weeks will focus on the 25th anniversary of German unification. Participating in the 2015 German Weeks will allow the German program to complement its curricular offerings with a symposium, a film event, and the appropriate public outreach.

Dr. Claudia Pagliaro

Photo of Dr. Claudia PagliaroDr. Claudia Pagliaro, a professor in Professions in Deafness (Specialized Education Services), recently presented her research to the 22nd International Congress on Education of the Deaf (ICED) in Athens, Greece. ICED is “the most prominent and influential body of inquiry in the field of education of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.”

Dr. David F. Ayers

Photo of Dr. David F. AyersDr. David F. Ayers (Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations) has been named associate editor of Community College Review. The journal has led the nation for 40 years in the publication of scholarly, peer-reviewed research and commentary on community colleges. CCR publishes articles on all aspects of community college administration, education, and policy. Additional info on the journal is at http://crw.sagepub.com.

Dr. Bruce Kirchoff

Photo of Dr. Bruce KirchoffDr. Bruce Kirchoff (Biology) has been appointed an editor and member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of the Plant Sciences. IJPS is one of the top botanical journals, with a publishing history that dates back to 1875. IJPS is published by the University of Chicago Press.

Michael Crumpton

Photo of Michael CrumptonAssistant Dean of University Libraries Michael Crumpton has recently authored Strategic Human Resource Planning for Academic Libraries: Information, Technology and Organizations, published by Chandos Publishing.

Dr. Patricia Reggio

Photo of Dr. Patricia ReggioDr. Patricia Reggio (Chemistry and Biochemistry) received a continuation of funding from Northeastern University for the project “Endocannabinoid Active Sites and Therapeutic Targets.”


First Year Instruction Librarian Jenny Dale and Associate Dean Kathy Crowe led a webinar hosted by ACRL (the Association of College and Research Libraries) on Aug 26. In the webinar, they described their work supporting the development and implementation of High Impact Educational Practices on the UNCG campus. This interactive webcast provided a review of research on how high impact practices foster student success nationally. Then, using learning communities (LCs) as a case study, it provided information on how LCs contribute to student retention and success, and recommended strategies for partnering with other campus units to promote high impact practices and then use the results to demonstrate the value and impact of the library on its campus.

Dr. Ethan Zell

Photo of Dr. Ethan ZellDr. Ethan Zell (Psychology) was recently named a Fellow of The Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP). The SESP is a scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of social psychology. Zell was chosen in recognition of his substantial contributions to social psychology as an empirical science; he joins a select group of researchers that grows by less than 5 percent each year.

Lynda Kellam

Photo of Lynda KellamUNCG Data Services and Government Information Librarian Lynda Kellam has received the NewsBank/Readex/GODORT/ALA Catharine J. Reynolds Research Award for 2015. This award provides funding for research in the field of documents librarianship, or in a related area that would benefit the individual’s performance as a documents librarian or make a contribution to the field.