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Speakers for: Government & Politics

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Omar H. Ali

Associate Professor, African American Studies & History
PhD Columbia University
(336) 334-5507, ohali@uncg.edu

  • Independent Voters
  • Black History
  • African Diaspora
  • Islam and Muslims

Geoffrey Baym

Associate Professor, Media Studies
PhD University of Utah

  • Television News
  • Satire and "Fake News" (eg The Daily Show and The Colbert Report)
  • Politics and Entertainment

Kathleen Casey

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 256-0156, caseyk@uncg.edu

  • Curriculum theory
  • Poverty & Education
  • Political Analysis of Education
  • Narrative Research

Mary Jane Conger

Head of the Cataloging Department, University Libraries
MS The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 256-1377, mjconger@uncg.edu

  • Congregational Libraries
  • The Role of the Cataloging Department in a University Library
  • Organizing and Classifying Small Library Collections

William Crowther

Professor, Political Science
PhD University of California, Los Angeles
(336) 256-0519, wecrowth@uncg.edu

  • European Politics
  • Central European Politics
  • Russian Politics
  • International Ethnic Conflicts

Steve Danford

Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Director, Three College Observatory
PhD Yale University
(336) 334-3308, danford@uncg.edu

  • Search for Life in the Universe
  • The U. S. Space Program
  • How the Universe Began

Keith Debbage

Professor, Geography
PhD The University of Georgia
(336) 334-3911, kdebb@hotmail.com

  • Economic & Urban Development
  • City & Regional Planning
  • The Airline Industry
  • Tourism

Gavin Douglas

Associate Professor, Music Studies
PhD University of Washington
(336) 334-5473, gdouglas@uncg.edu

  • Music and Politics
  • Music in Southeast Asia

Mark Elliott

Associate Professor, History
PhD New York University
(336) 334-5992, meelliot@uncg.edu

  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Plessy v. Ferguson
  • Albion W. Tourgee
  • Civil Rights

Robert Griffiths

Associate Professor, Political Science
PhD University of Connecticut
(336) 256-0518, rjgriffi@uncg.edu

  • International Politics & Law
  • US and International Security Policy and American Foreign Policy
  • The United Nations
  • Politics of the Non-western World, Specialist in African Politics

William Hamilton

Professor Emeritus, Conflict & Peace Studies
PhD Tulane University
(336) 855-5461, hamilton.uncg@gmail.com

  • Global Terrorism, Political Violence, and Radical Orthodoxies
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Latin American Political and Intellectual History
  • Politics and Fundamentalist Religion

William Hart

Professor, Religious Studies
Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences
PhD Princeton University
(336) 334-4912, wdhart@uncg.edu

  • The Place of Religion in American Culture and Politics
  • African America Religion, Politics, and Culture
  • Relations Among Religion, Ethics, and Politics

David Holian

Associate Professor, Political Science
PhD Indiana University
(336) 256-0514, dbholian@uncg.edu

  • Pre or Post-mortems of U.S. Congressional and/or Presidential Elections
  • Relationships among national political institutions: Congress, the presidency, and/or the mass media

Ana Hontanilla

Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD Washington University in St. Louis
(336) 334-3335, amhontan@uncg.edu

  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Films, History, and Politics
  • HIstory of slavery in Latin America

Corey Johnson

Assistant Professor, Geography
PhD University of Oregon
(336) 334-3919, corey_johnson@uncg.edu

  • Contemporary Germany: "Germany 20 Years After the Fall of the Wall"
  • The European Union
  • Boundaries and Borders "Weird Borders"
  • Great Plains
  • Geopolitics of Energy
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Shale Gas/Hydraulic Fracturing

Spoma Jovanovic

Professor, Communication Studies
PhD University of Denver
(336) 601-3282, spomajovanovic@uncg.edu

  • University and Community Partnerships for Civic Impact
  • How Our Talk Can Shape a Vision of Hope in the Community
  • Social Capital in Greensboro
  • Community Reconciliation - Possibilities and Obstacles
  • Participatory Budgeting in the U.S.
  • Preemptive Democracy--Citizen Coalitions for Community Change

Lynda Kellam

Reference and Government Information, University Libraries
MA University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 334-5251, lmkellam@uncg.edu

  • Accessing U.S. Government Information
  • US Census 2010 and the American Community Survey
  • Researching the U.S. Congress
  • Finding Demographic and Socioeconomic Data for your Work

Kenneth Klase

Associate Professor, Political Science
DPA University of Georgia
(336) 256-0510, kaklase@uncg.edu

  • Public Budgeting
  • Public Finance
  • Public Financial Management

Beth Ann Koelsch

Curator of the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project, University Archives
MLS The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-5838, bakoelsc@ung.edu

  • Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Histocial Project
  • Women in the U.S. Military
  • Primary Sources (Archival Resources)
  • Using Digitized Primary Source Materials

Carl Lashley

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
EdD Indiana University
(336) 334-3745, carl_lashley@uncg.edu

  • School Law
  • Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
  • Technology and Education

Fabrice Lehoucq

Associate Professor, Political Science
PhD Duke University
(336) 334-5989, f_lehouc@uncg.edu

  • Latin American Politics
  • Global Perspectives on Electoral Reform
  • Dictatorships and Democracies
  • Health Care in International Perspective
  • Drugs and Crime in Latin America

Tom Matyok

Assistant Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies
PhD Nova Southeastern University
(336) 334-3864, tgmatyok@uncg.edu

  • Violence
  • Changing Nature of War
  • Bullying and Mobbing
  • Conflict Resolution

Terrance McConnell

Professor, Philosophy
PhD University of Minnesota
(336) 334-3202, tcmcconn@uncg.edu

  • Issues in Biomedical Ethics
  • Ethics and Genetics
  • Social and Political Philosophy

John Neufeld

Professor, Economics
PhD University of Michigan
(336) 334-4869, john_neufeld@uncg.edu

  • Electric Power Industry, Including History
  • Energy Policy

Kimberlianne Podlas

Assistant Professor, Media Studies
JD State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Law
(336) 334-5360, k_podlas@uncg.edu

  • Topics in U.S. Law: Copyright, FCC, Courts
  • The Law in Pop Culture and on TV: the CSI Effect, Judge Judy, Reality TV
  • Humor and Satire
  • The Media: TV, Film, Digital/Internet

Charles Prysby

Professor, Political Science
PhD Michigan State University
(336) 334-5048, prysby@uncg.edu

  • Presidential and Congressional Elections in the U.S.
  • American Political Parties
  • Southern Politics
  • Voting Behavior

Bennett Ramsey

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
PhD Union Theological Seminary
(336) 334-5762, bhramsey@uncg.edu

  • Evolution, Creationism, and American Politics
  • Pluralism, Postpluralism in American Religion
  • Ethics, Economics, and Climate Change

Svi Shapiro

Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
EdD Boston University
(336) 256-0156, hsshapir@uncg.edu

  • Violence & Schools
  • Moral & Social Dimensions of Education
  • Education & Democracy
  • The Israeli / Palestinian Conflict
  • Educational Reform
  • Critical Perspectives on Standardized Testing
  • Peace Education
  • Jewish & Spiritual Perspectives on Education

Stephen Sills

Associate Professor, Sociology
Co-Organizer, Human Rights Research Network
PhD Arizona State University
(336) 334-3731, sjsills@uncg.edu

  • Globalization
  • Fair Housing
  • Migration
  • Program Evaluation
  • Ethnic and National Origin Discrimination

J. David Smith

Professor Emeritus, Specialized Education Services
EdD Columbia University
(336) 334-3738, jdsmi24@uncg.edu

  • Disability Rights and History
  • Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Kenneth Snowden

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Economics
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 334-4870, snowden@uncg.edu

  • The 1930s Mortgage Crisis
  • Federal Reserve Policy

Laura K. Taylor

Assistant Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies
PhD University of Notre Dame
(336) 334-3864, lktaylo2@uncg.edu

  • Risk and Resilience Processes: Youth and Political Violence
  • Reconciliation, Transitional Justice and Truth Commissions
  • Conflict Transformation and Mental Health
  • Countries of interest: Croatia, Colombia, Guatemala, Nepal, Northern Ireland

Bas van der Vossen

Assistant Professor, Philosophy
PhD University of Oxford
(520) 334-4313, b_vande2@uncg.edu

  • Ethics of Property Rights & Markets
  • Civil Disobedience - Is There a Duty to Obey the Law?
  • The Morality of International Institutions & Humanitarian Intervention

Saundra Westervelt

Associate Professor, Sociology
PhD University of Virginia
(336) 334-3697, sdwester@uncg.edu

  • "Life After Death Row" - Wrongful Convictions & the Death Penalty
  • Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions
  • Impact of Wrongful Convictions on Exonerees

Jonathan Zarecki

Associate Professor, Classical Studies
PhD University of Florida
(336) 404-4902, jpzareck@uncg.edu

  • Rhetoric and Oratory
  • Political Theory (particularly different types of governments)
  • Roman Law
  • History of Warfare