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David Franklin Ayers

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
EdD North Carolina State University
(336) 256-1368, dfayers@uncg.edu

  • Higher education and Society
  • The U.S. Community College
  • College and University Governance
  • Curriculum and Program Planning

Mary Ashley Barret

Associate Professor, Music Performance
DMA Florida State University
(336) 334-5879, mabarret@uncg.edu

  • "Preparing for a Music Career"
  • "How to be a music major"

Ian D. Beatty

Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy
PhD University of Massachusetts Amherst
(336) 256-8600, idbeatty@uncg.edu

  • The role of a bricks-and-mortar university in the age of Wikipedia and online education

James M. Benshoff

Professor, Counseling & Educational Development
PhD American University
(336) 334-3423, benshoff@uncg.edu

  • Groups & Group Work
  • College Student Development
  • Nontraditional (Adult) College Students
  • Adolescent & Adult Development
  • Career Counseling, Planning, & Management
  • Counseling Adolescents, Adults, & Couples

Silvia Bettez

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-3492, scbettez@uncg.edu

  • Social Justice Education
  • Community Building in Academia
  • Anti-oppression

Nora J. Bird

Assistant Professor, Library & Information Studies
PhD Rutgers University
(336) 256-0162, njbird@uncg.edu

  • Workplace Information Literacy
  • Communicating Science on the Web
  • Informal Learning and Adults
  • Community College Libraries
  • Digital archiving

Anne Brady

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Ph.D. The University of Georgia
(336) 334-3274, aobrady@uncg.edu

  • Older Adults and Physical Function
  • Community-Based Exercise Programs
  • Body Composition Changes during the Aging Process
  • Internship Experiences for Undergraduate Students

Stoel Burrowes

Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture
Coleman Fellow, North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center
MA North Carolina State University
(336) 256-0305, s_burrow@uncg.edu

  • Design Education and Theory
  • Furniture Design
  • Chair Construction
  • Drafting and Drawing

Cherry Callahan

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
PhD The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-5099, cherry_callahan@uncg.edu

  • Today's College Students - The New Generation, Students in Stress/Emotional Crisis, Family Participation, Etc.

Roberto E. Campo

Professor, International & Global Studies
Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
PhD University of Pennsylvania
(336) 334-3311, recampo@uncg.edu

  • The French "spirit" as represented in early modern, modern, and contemporary accounts and media
  • Internationalizing the campus and our 21st century students
  • Cultural diversity in the global context
  • Bringing Asian Studies to our students and the greater-Greensboro community

Micheline Chalhoub-Deville

Professor, Educational Research Methodology
PhD The Ohio State University
(336) 334-3472, chalhoub-deville@uncg.edu

  • Foreign Language Testing & Assessment
  • NCLB and ELL testing, Title III
  • Articulation Between Schools & Universities
  • University admission tests

Clara M. Chu

Professor & Department Chair, Library & Information Studies
PhD University of Western Ontario
(336) 334-3481, cmchu@uncg.edu

  • Multicultural Library and Information Services and Issues
  • Information Equity
  • Information Seeking and Use
  • Community Informatics

Mary Jane Conger

Head of the Cataloging Department, University Libraries
MS The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 256-1377, mjconger@uncg.edu

  • Congregational Libraries
  • The Role of the Cataloging Department in a University Library
  • Organizing and Classifying Small Library Collections

Peter F. Delaney

Associate Professor, Psychology
PhD Florida State University
(336) 256-0010, p_delane@uncg.edu

  • Experts and Excellence
  • Psychology of Learning

Jessica Delk McCall

Basic Course Director and Lecturer, Communication Studies
PhD The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-5297, jedelk@uncg.edu

  • Presentation Skills for the Business World
  • Experiential Education in the Classroom
  • Relationship Development & Maintenance
  • Group Communication & Team Building
  • Expectations & Preparation for College
  • Communication Education (Pedagogy)

Lisa Eads

Lecturer, Human Development & Family Studies
MAT Salem College
(336) 602-9262, lmeads@uncg.edu

  • Supporting Children - Building Futures
  • Brain Scans to Lesson Plans - Developmentally Appropriate Higher Education
  • Socially Responsible Education
  • Any topic relating to Early Intervention for Children and Child Poverty

Melissa Floyd-Pickard

Professor & Department Chair, Social Work
PhD Virginia Commonwealth University
(336) 334-4073, mftaylo2@uncg.edu

  • Mental Illness
  • Social Work and Psychiatric Medications
  • Social Work Education
  • Values and Ethics

Charles P. Gause

Associate Professor, Teacher Education & Higher Education
PhD Miami University
(336) 334-3437, cpgause@uncg.edu

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Creating Engaging, Dynamic and Affirming Learning Communities
  • Cross-cultural and Inter-cultural Communications
  • Youth and Popular Culture

Bert Goldman

Professor Emeritus, Teacher Education & Higher Education
EdD University of Virginia
(336) 334-3464, goldman@uncg.edu

  • College Student Retention
  • Academic Flexibility
  • Researchers' Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures
  • Standardized Tests: What they measure and their weaknesses
  • Significant findings in research: How do researchers determine this

Joseph L. Graves Jr.

Professor, Nanoengineering
Associate Dean for Research, Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering
Ph.D. Wayne State University
(336) 285-2858, jlgrave2@uncg.edu

  • Genomics of Adaptation
  • Biological and Social Concepts of Race -- Health Disparities
  • Nanosafety
  • STEM Education -- Minority Underrepresentation

Tara T. Green

Professor and Director, African American Studies
PhD Louisiana State University
(336) 334-5507, ttgreen@uncg.edu

  • African American Women's Literature
  • Achieving Professional Success for Young Black Women & Girls
  • Strategies for Mentoring Ethnic Students
  • 21st Century African American Studies Curriculum & Programs
  • Impact of fatherlessness on African American boys & men
  • History of confinement of African Americans
  • Black Women's Leadership History
  • Oprah Winfrey and Film

Gregory Grieve

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Director, MERGE: a network for interdisciplinary ad collaborative scholarship
PhD University of Chicago
(336) 334-5762, gpgrieve@uncg.edu

  • Religion and digital media (new media)
  • Hinduism and Buddhism
  • interdisciplinary scholarship

Spoma Jovanovic

Professor, Communication Studies
PhD University of Denver
(336) 601-3282, spomajovanovic@uncg.edu

  • University and Community Partnerships for Civic Impact
  • How Our Talk Can Shape a Vision of Hope in the Community
  • Social Capital in Greensboro
  • Community Reconciliation - Possibilities and Obstacles
  • Participatory Budgeting in the U.S.
  • Preemptive Democracy--Citizen Coalitions for Community Change

Todd Lewis

Associate Professor, Counseling & Educational Development
PhD Kent State University
(336) 334-3422, tflewis@uncg.edu

  • Substance Use Issues Among College Students
  • Theoretical Models of Behavior
  • Adlerian Theory
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Diagnosis using the DSM-V and Treatment Planning

Fatih Oguz

Assistant Professor, Library & Information Studies
PhD University of North Texas
(336) 334-4782, f_oguz@uncg.edu

  • Digital Libraries
  • Institutional Repositories
  • Communities of Practice
  • Social Media

Amanda Pelon

Lecturer, Management
Academic Advisor, Bryan School Undergraduate Student Services
MA Michigan State University
(336) 334-5928, arpelon@uncg.edu

  • Academic Planning & Decision Making
  • Student Leadership Development
  • International Programs Administration
  • Intercultural Career Planning & Decision Making

Jeanie Marklin Reynolds

Lecturer, English
PhD The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
(336) 334-3981, jmreyno3@uncg.edu

  • Teacher Education
  • The Teaching of Writing
  • Young Adult Literature

Hephzibah Roskelly

Professor, English
Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies
PhD University of Louisville
(336) 334-3280, roskellh@uncg.edu

  • Emerson, Hawthorne, Toni Morrison, Jane Addams, Louisa May Alcott
  • The Importance of Stories
  • Mystery Fiction
  • Women and Peace
  • The Importance of the Humanities
  • Definitions of Liberal Arts
  • Support for Public Education

Mark Schumacher

Reference Librarian, University Libraries
MLS State University of New York at Buffalo
(336) 334-3215, m_schuma@uncg.edu

  • Librarianship
  • Frisbee (history, ethos, technique)
  • French literature

John Sopper

Lecturer, Religious Studies
Director of Special Projects, Undergraduate Education
MA Princeton University
(336) 334-9770, jrsopper@uncg.edu

  • Religion and Social Issues
  • Issues in Higher Education

Deborah J. Taub

Professor, Teacher Education & Higher Education
PhD University of Maryland, College Park
(336) 334-3437, djtaub@uncg.edu

  • College Student Development
  • College Student Transitions
  • College Suicide Prevention
  • College Student Mental Health

Elizabeth Van Horn

Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing
PhD The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(336) 334-4942, e_vanhorn@uncg.edu

  • Recovery from Traumatic Injury
  • Family Integrity Promotion
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Teaching with Technology

Bob Wineburg

Professor, Social work
Director of Community Engaged Scholarship, School of Health and Human Sciences
PhD University of Pittsburgh
(336) 708-3435, bobwineburg@gmail.com

  • Faith Based Social Services
  • Town Grown Partnerships
  • Social Entrepeneurism
  • Social Service Program and Organizational Development
  • Grant Writing

David Wyrick

Associate Professor, Public Health Education
PhD The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-4501, dlwyrick@uncg.edu

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention with High School and College Students and Student-Athletes
  • Prevention of High-Risk Drinking with College Students
  • Protecting and Promoting Health through Entrepreneurship