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Speakers for: Religion & Spirituality

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Omar H. Ali

Associate Professor, African American Studies & History
PhD Columbia University
(336) 334-5507, ohali@uncg.edu

  • Independent Voters
  • Black History
  • African Diaspora
  • Islam and Muslims

Denise Baker

Professor, English
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
PhD University of Virginia
(336) 334-5241, dnbaker@uncg.edu

  • Julian of Norwich
  • Medieval Mysticism
  • Woman Mystics

Anna Brady

Lecturer, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
Executive Director, Piedmont Triad Leadership Academy
MS North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
(336) 334-3460, acbrady@uncg.edu

  • The Piedmont Triad Leadership Academy - Developing Aspiring School Leadership
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Principal Leadership
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Motivational speeches on topics related to the Civic Group or Organization's needs

Marc Bregman

Professor, Religious Studies
PhD The Hebrew University in Jerusalem
(336) 334-5762, mbregman@uncg.edu

  • "The Darshan - The "Preacher" and the Sermon in Rabbinic Times" followed by study of selected texts in English translation (one or more sessions).
  • "When is the Rabbi Joking?" or "Can the Talmud be Funny?!" Study of a Talmudic Text in English Translation on: "Jacob our Father Never Died".
  • "The Binding of Isaac (Genesis Chapter 22) as Cinema" Group exercise in guided imagination on a Biblical story
  • "The Love Life of Rabbi Meir" Informal study of texts about one Talmudic rabbi's personal problems with women.
  • The Early History of the Hebrew Book (Powerpoint Presentation)
  • "From Synagogue Sermon to Literary Homily -- The Early Form of the Jewish Book"
  • Jewish Humor

Craig Cashwell

Professor, Counseling & Educational Development
PhD The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-3427, cscashwe@uncg.edu

  • Couple Counseling
  • Spirituality & Mental Health
  • Sexual Addiction

A. Asa Eger

Assistant Professor, History
PhD The University of Chicago
(336) 334-5203, aaeger@uncg.edu

  • Archaeology of the Middle East
  • The History of Early Islam and the Byzantine Empire

Ericka Gonzalez

Assistant Director for Leadership, Office of Leadership and Service-Learning
MEd Brock University (Canada)
(336) 256-1484, ejgonzal@uncg.edu

  • Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Personality Type
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Gregory Grieve

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Director, MERGE: a network for interdisciplinary ad collaborative scholarship
PhD University of Chicago
(336) 334-5762, gpgrieve@uncg.edu

  • Religion and digital media (new media)
  • Hinduism and Buddhism
  • interdisciplinary scholarship

William Hamilton

Professor Emeritus, Conflict & Peace Studies
PhD Tulane University
(336) 855-5461, hamilton.uncg@gmail.com

  • Global Terrorism, Political Violence, and Radical Orthodoxies
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Latin American Political and Intellectual History
  • Politics and Fundamentalist Religion

William Hart

Professor, Religious Studies
Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences
PhD Princeton University
(336) 334-4912, wdhart@uncg.edu

  • The Place of Religion in American Culture and Politics
  • African America Religion, Politics, and Culture
  • Relations Among Religion, Ethics, and Politics

Christopher Hodgkins

Professor, English
PhD The University of Chicago
(336) 334-4691, cthodgki@uncg.edu

  • Dangerous Poetry
  • Opening Genesis - A Literary Approach
  • The Best Poems You've Never read
  • Why Shakespeare Was Shakespeare
  • Print or Digital: Which Will Last?
  • The Bible and Sex

Glenn Hudak

Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
(336) 256-0156, gmhudak@uncg.edu

  • Psychoanalytical Thought & Education
  • Liberation Theology
  • Philosophy & Education
  • Moral & Spiritual Dimensions of Education
  • Critical Pedagogy

Bruce Kirchoff

Associate Professor, Biology
PhD Duke University
(336) 334-4953, kirchoff@uncg.edu

  • Evolution and Belief
  • Visual Teaching and Learning Based on Insights from Cognitive Psychology
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Flowers, But Were Afraid to Ask

Derek Krueger

Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor, Religious Studies
Program Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies
PhD Princeton University
(336) 334-5762, KruegerD@uncg.edu

  • Early and Medieval Christian History
  • Religion and the Arts
  • Christianity and Gender

Emily J. Levine

Assistant Professor, History
Ph.D. Stanford University
(919) 884-6531, emilyjlevine@gmail.com

  • Modern German history
  • Modern Jewish thought and history
  • History of Ideas, intellectual communities, and universities
  • Transatlanticism and German-American Relations

Janet Lilly

Professor & Department Chair, Dance
MFA The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
(336) 334-3262, j_lilly@uncg.edu

  • Elements of Dance Choreography for Everyone
  • Site-Specific Choreography and Improvisation
  • Iyengar Yoga as a Body/Mind Practice

Joanne M. A. Murphy

Assistant Professor, Classical Studies
PhD University of Cincinnati
(336) 334-9904, jmmurph2@uncg.edu

  • Greek Archaeology: The Birthplace of Democracy
  • Landscape Archaeology: Ancestors in the Garden
  • The Greeks and the Trojan War
  • Archaeology and Religion: Evidence of Belief

Promod R. Pratap

Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy
PhD Syracuse University
(336) 334-5844, pratapp@uncg.edu

  • Hinduism
  • Science and Society

Bennett Ramsey

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
PhD Union Theological Seminary
(336) 334-5762, bhramsey@uncg.edu

  • Evolution, Creationism, and American Politics
  • Pluralism, Postpluralism in American Religion
  • Ethics, Economics, and Climate Change

Svi Shapiro

Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
EdD Boston University
(336) 256-0156, hsshapir@uncg.edu

  • Violence & Schools
  • Moral & Social Dimensions of Education
  • Education & Democracy
  • The Israeli / Palestinian Conflict
  • Educational Reform
  • Critical Perspectives on Standardized Testing
  • Peace Education
  • Jewish & Spiritual Perspectives on Education

John Sopper

Lecturer, Religious Studies
Director of Special Projects, Undergraduate Education
MA Princeton University
(336) 334-9770, jrsopper@uncg.edu

  • Religion and Social Issues
  • Issues in Higher Education

Bob Wineburg

Professor, Social work
Director of Community Engaged Scholarship, School of Health and Human Sciences
PhD University of Pittsburgh
(336) 708-3435, bobwineburg@gmail.com

  • Faith Based Social Services
  • Town Grown Partnerships
  • Social Entrepeneurism
  • Social Service Program and Organizational Development
  • Grant Writing