Sharing Our Story


The purpose of this Brand Guide is to support your marketing and communication goals with an entire suite of resources and tools from photography and writing guidelines to logoscolors, the taglinesocial media standards and more. Above all else, become familiar with UNCG’s “Why-How-What” Strategy, which will inform all of your communication decisions. Under that tab, you will find a research-based approach unique to UNCG and essential for developing authentic, distinctive materials that resonate with your audience.


As members of the UNCG family, we are charged with sharing our story in one, unified voice. With that voice, we all grow stronger.

Communicating about UNCG is ultimately about motivating people to make a deeper connection to our university. Consider your own objective when creating your marketing and communication — to motivate students to apply, donors to make an investment, or alumni and friends to become more engaged.

You have the power to help build these critical relationships by sharing the university’s story. Every communication is an opportunity to affect the perceptions that lead to a stronger bond and increased support. That’s why each of us must consider ourselves a UNCG brand ambassador. We must be purposeful in how we communicate who we are by integrating our marketing efforts across campus and communicating with a clear strategy in mind.

That’s where the UNCG Brand Guide comes in. Here you will find the resources for communicating in a manner that aligns with the UNCG brand and helps you meet your marketing and communication goals by highlighting UNCG’s unique strengths. When used collectively and consistently across campus, the elements presented here help form an authentic and compelling story for our many different audiences.

Together, we can effectively share the UNCG story — not the UNCG that people sometimes think they know, but the UNCG that we experience firsthand every day. The university we’ve come to appreciate as a special place of wisdom, authenticity and engagement. A place where people are challenged to Do something bigger altogether.

The IMSC Committee conducted quantitative and qualitative research with prospective and current students, faculty, staff, friends of UNCG, donors and alumni to identify key themes and messages that set us apart from other higher-education institutions. The insights gained from this research have informed the UNCG Brand Guide and should be used by UNCG brand ambassadors to build a compelling story expressed through strategic marketing and communication. The IMSC blog contains further explanation about the types of research conducted and what the studies revealed.